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The Cleveleys Classic Car Show took place on Sunday 9th June.

A great day out for all the family - the sun shone, the high street was closed so that exhibits and people could use all the space - and use the space they did! The whole of Cleveleys was packed out with people enjoying themselves at a great community event that was enjoyed by all.

Highlights included:

The event included all kinds of vehicles including classic, vintage, commercials, motorbikes and sports cars and was penciled in the diaries of car enthusiasts all over the North West who brought along their prized possessions.

The town centre was closed to traffic and packed with vehicles and things to do for all the family making it a super day for everyone. Vehicle displays also lined the promenade - quite an unusual spectacle, classic cars lined up on the sea front!

A great deal of hard work has gone into organising and promoting the event and the organisers are to be congratulated on the smooth running of the event. Businesses who might normally close on Sunday were asked to open and get into the motoring spirit by decorating their premises with bunting, having special offers or doing things on a motoring theme.

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